Handcrafted Surfite Earrings.

These earrings were created using Surfite which originated in a surfboard factory in California.


This pair was created by us from start to finish in our small studio in South Wales and is well and truly unique. 


The thin pieces of Surfite are approximately 17mm long and 12mm wide. The drop of the earrings is approximately 23mm.


These pieces of Surfite show off some great colours, including different shades of green, a purple-ish grey, dark red and blue. Thanks to their clear and translucent stripes they will allow an amazing play of light.


*What is Surfite?

Although some reference maybe made to Surfite being a "stone", it is not. Surfite is a man-made material and is created by using the resin which built up in surfboard-factories during the application of resin during the final sealing process. These runoffs are cought in a tray and after curing can be cut like rough stones to create Surfite. 

Sterling Silver and Surfite Dangly Earrings

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