California Surfite Cabochon Hand-cut in the UK.


This Surfite cabochon’s approximate measurements are 33 x 17 x 3.3 mm.

It has been hand cut and polished in the UK using American surfboard resin.


Seconds? Why?
While this cabochon is thinner than you would expect for its overall size, it will still be a great piece for a light weight pendant.


The coins pictured are a US Dime and a UK 20p piece and are for size reference only. 


Our cabochons are carefully wrapped in 100% recyclable packaging and ship as a large letter via Royal Mail First Class in the UK and International Standard for all other destinations. 


*What is Surfite?

Although some reference maybe made to Surfite being a “stone”, it is not. Surfite is a manmade material and is created by using the resin which built up in surfboard-factories during the application of resin in the final sealing and shaping process. These runoffs cure over time and can then be cut like stone.

Seconds - Californian Surfite Cabochon

SKU: S-FFM-003