These cute heart shaped earrings have been hand crafted from start to finish. From cutting the raw Surfite* into hearts and polishing them, to forming the sterling silver they sit in.


As each piece of cut Surfite is unique, so is every pair of these one of a kind stud earrings. Whether you're a surfer or just fancy a cute pair of colourful earrings, these will not disappoint.


Each pair will vary from the photos shown, but if you would like to confirm what colours are available, please do not hesitate to send us a message.


These earrings are made to order and depending on availability a pair can be cut to your specification.


Ships with small sized sterling silver scroll backs. 


*What is Surfite?

Although some reference maybe made to Surfite being a "stone", it is not. Surfite is a man-made material and is created by using the resin which built up in surfboard-factories during the application of resin during the final sealing process. These runoffs are cought in a tray and after curing can be cut like rough stones to create Surfite. 


For hygiene reasons I am unable to accept returns of earrings but please contact us, should you have any questions or concerns. We are happy to assist. 


To help the environment as best as we can, all of our pieces are carefully wrapped in 100% recyclable material and will go straight through your letterbox. 


Your order will be sent using Royal Mail and if you are in the UK your parcel should be with you 1-3 working days after dispatch.

Heart Shaped Surfite Earrings

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