Fistral Collection - Unique Surfite* jewellery inspired by the colours of the ocean. 


Each piece in this collection has been handcrafted from start to finish. The Surfite started out as remnants of resin in a surfboard factory in Cornwall before being cut to size and turned into unique cabochons by skilled craftsmen.


These earrings have been created using two square pieces of surfite, reflecting the colours of a beachy sunset, from turquoise at the bottom to orange and translucent at the top, showing off their partially open backing with a wave design.


The ring has been finished in a scratch/brushed mat, to ensure beach wear will not impact its polish.


The coins in the picture are for size reference only - on the left is a UK £1 and to the right is a US Quarter. 


Each piece of the Fistral Collection is leaving us in its own unique handmade limited edition blue paper & card box - so you can recycle it if you don't want to hang onto it. Each box is numbered, there are only 8 pieces of one of a kind wearable art in the Fistral Collection. 


Every item also comes with a little message in a bottle, make sure to check it yours. 


*What is Surfite?

Although some reference maybe made to Surfite being a "stone", it is not. Surfite is a man-made material and is created by using the resin which built up in surfboard-factories during the application of resin during the final sealing process. These runoffs are cought in a tray and after curing can be cut like rough stones to create Surfite. 

Fistral Collection - Square Stud Earrings

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